Woodshield timber posts for all agricultural applications


Specifically created for use in the Viticulture, Aquaculture, Equine and general Agricultural industries.

NO splinters – NO disposal issues – NO chemical issues - NO rusting - Organically sustainable -10 year manufacturing warranty – fully recyclable 40-50% more strength than a timber post & 100% greater breaking angle.

WoodShield timber posts offer you a pine post with equivalent strength          and rigidity combined with the protective properties, toughness and               lifespan of polyethylene.

Being coated in plastic ensures the posts are resilient to all vermin as
well as the harsh Australian
climate and extreme temperatures, while  displaying exceptional resistance to bending, warping and splitting.

The many attributes of WoodShield fencing posts and rails including  their        performance and life expectancy make them the most economically efficient fencing system available to the agricultural and farming industry today.

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