tesa tapes


tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive product and system solutions for industry, trades, and end consumers.

tesa offers over 6,000 different products that suit various industries such as automotive manufacturers and suppliers and companies in the electrical, electronics, printing, paper, and packaging industries.

Professional painters, varnishers, and other craftsmen who obtain professional products through the technical trades also rely on tesa.


Multi Purpose Tapes

  • Cloth Tape - 4688 high strength, hand tearable, waterproof, cloth tape 25m x 6mm-1350mm
  • Butyl bond – double sided joining polyfabric tape – waterproof  seal  for joining polyfabric and  polyethylene sheeting. 15m x 25mm
  • Safety Tapes – 4104 barricade, 4169 floor marking and 56660 anti slip tread tape.
  • Double Sided Tapes -  4900 transfer tape – picture framing, splicing,  4962 mounting on rough surfaces, 4695 permanent mounting of plastic or wood, 4970 permanent mounting for metal, enamel and plastics, permanent carpet laying.

AirConditioning Tapes

  • Flange sealing – 7493 – 6mm thick self adhesive polyethylene foam tape
  • Duct – 4258 – soft Silver PVC Duct tape 30m x 48mm & 72mm
  • Aluminium Foil – 51495 – Reinforced aluminium foil tape 50m x 48, 63 & 72mm

Body Works – Auto Masking Tapes

  • Masking 4329 – Standard grade Automotive Paper masking tape. Oven drying  to 80Deg C.  50m x 19, 25, 38, 50mm
  • Masking 4309 – Premium grade high temperature paper masking tape to 120Deg C .  50m x 19, 25, 38, 50mm
  • Masking 4174 – Premium grade High temperature PVC Fineline tape infra red & oven drying to 150 degC.  55m x 12mm, 66m x 19mm & 25mm
  • Masking 4378 – Easy cover Auto – combination of tape paper & film, covers large areas quickly. 14m x 2m & 20m x 1m

Glazing Industry Tapes

  • Permafoam PVC 60202 and 60402 – seal between glass and frames. 5195 series  double sided polyurethane foam tapes for structural glazing are also available.

Concreting  Tapes

  • A range of foam  tapes for Sealing formwork, Precast Moulds, Bridge construction, Fixing formwork accessories, Joining Film underlay.


The full range can be viewed on the Tesa website.