BST OYSTER SUPPLIES -  designed by oyster farmers for oyster farmers.


BST Oyster Supplies have developed an innovative range of products that suit a new system of growing oysters, called the Adjustable Longline Oyster Farming System.

Adjustable Longline Farming System Advantages

  •  Lets you manage your oysters more efficiently, producing a much better oyster.

  • Construction is much cheaper than traditional methods.

  •  It is a lot simpler to erect, with lower maintenance costs and higher yields.
The success of the longline system lies in the ability to raise and lower the height of the oyster bags on the line. This gives the oyster farmer a management technique to control shell growth, meat condition, cleaning and rumbling. This system is a vast advantage over fixed timber racking where the oysters are at the mercy of the elements.

BST partners Tony Schutz, Geoff Turner and Ashley Turner are oyster farmers themselves and can help you plan and design a longline system that suits the tides and cell count for your lease for maximum yields.



For more information on products, and instructional videos go to the BST Website